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White Fillings

Rapid advances in the technology of tooth coloured filling materials means that we now have a wide variety of these composites as they are known as. There are types that blend closely to the colour of your teeth, and others that are more robust for the back teeth.they are now more aesthetic and reliable than ever.

For the front teeth there are types of composite fillings that mimic the colour, opacity or translucency of the natural tooth substance such as dentine or enamel. By blending them we can reproduce the shape and appearance of your teeth. These materials can also be used to make teeth look straighter. This is a less costly way to improve your smile and requires little or no trimming of the teeth.

For the back teeth, there are now hard wearing and very aesthetic White fillings. Now those ugly silver or black fillings can be replaced to help restore a tooth back to it's original appearance.

The other advantage these composite materials have over the old amalgam fillings is that they actually bond to the tooth structure. This may help reduce fractures over the long term compared to amalgam. These metal fillings require the tooth to be cut with the bottom of the cavity wider than the top to 'lock' the filling in place. As a result more tooth structure tends to be removed. The other relevant property is the way the materials expand and contract over time with heat and cold. Composites behave in a very similar way to the tooth whereas amalgam does not. Eventually a metal filling may lead to the buildĀ  of tiny fractures in the tooth structure which then may eventually lead to the tooth breaking.