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Veneers (indirect)

This is a popular way of dramatically improving smiles. They consist of thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the front of your teeth, and careful planning is required to get the best and most predictable results. In most cases preparation of  the teeth is necessary, At the same visit moulds or impressions are taken and a temporary veneer is usually fitted onto the tooth for 2 weeks. The moulds are sent to a dental laboratory where a highly skilled technician will construct the prescribed veneer to the required dimensions, shape and colour. At the next visit, this is then checked for fit, appearance and comfort. If no modifications are required this is then fitted with a permanent cement. On average they may last 10 to 15 years, but they generally need replacing in the future. Advantages include excellent and relatively long term aesthetics. Disadvantages include the need to trim the teeth, with, approximately a 1 in 5 chance of sensitivity or subsequent root canal treatment.

When several teeth are being planned for veneers, for instance when smile makeovers are being done, there will be additional steps recommended. The planning in these cases is essential to agree on the final result before any tooth preparation is done. Otherwise you are never too sure what the final result will be until the veneers are all fitted! The way the planning is done is by making a 'mock up' of the envisaged desired final look. Once this is agreed on then this 'mock up' can be used to make the temporary veneers. This gives an opportunity to assess the shape and position of the teeth, along with speech. Changes, if required can then be easily made and once both the patient and dentist are happy with the result, these temporaries can be used as a template to fabricate the final porcelain veneers. Prices start from £595 per tooth.

Direct veneers

These consist if cosmetic tooth coloured composite filling material added to teeth to improve the appearance. They can be a cost effective and quick method of improving smiles. These also tend not to need as much trimming of the teeth that indirect veneers require.  The downside being that they do require maintenance over the years which may incur further costs, and they generally may not keep their aesthetic appearance as well as porcelain veneers.  Prices start from £ 85 per tooth