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Gum disease is one of the most common diseases and it can cause health problems as well as leading to tooth loss.

Our patients are referred to our hygienists to manage and monitor their gum disease. In some cases the dentist and hygienist may discuss with you the need to refer you to a gum specialist.


Initial hygienist appointment:

This includes a assessment of your gum health. measurements will be taken to decide on your individual treatment plan.


Oral hygiene instructions will be discussed as you will be playing a big part in controlling any disease. A general clean of your teeth will be done.


Full mouth disinfection therapy:

This is a intense clean of above and below the gum line, pills the root surfaces of your teeth will be debrided of calculus and plaque. Some people may need local anesthetic or a numbing gel for this treatment. The aim is to remove all the bacteria so that healing can begin.


Hygienist review appointment.

After having a full mouth disinfection appointment it is advised to retake your measurements to access your condition. We will also review your oral hygiene regime and remove any calculus and plaque, cure finishing with a polish.

Maintenance hygienist appointment:

This appointment will include the removal of plaque and calculus.

We will also check the health of your mouth, and review and discuss any oral hygiene instructions with you. Finishing with a polish. The length of this appointment depends on your gum condition.

If you have any concerns about your oral health or just want a cleaner smile for a special event, speak to your dentists or ask the receptionist to schedule you a hygienist appointment.