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2013-03-26 12:55:22



Botox and Fillers Explained

Facial injectables are rapidly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures carried out on patients. They are far less invasive that surgical options yet can be just as individually tailored. The procedure is usually very quick with most administrations taking between 30-45 minutes. Unlike surgery, cialis there is little down time and patients are able to return to most normal duties  on the same day.

Botox, troche or botulinum toxin type A is perhaps the most widely known and discussed facial injectable. Wrinkles appear due to the repeated contraction of the facial muscles and subsequently the skin. As the skin is always folded in the same area the line becomes imprinted into the skin. Botox works by blocking the electrical messages your brain sends to your muscles so that they relax, discount allowing the skin fold to repair itself in this period of inactivity.


What areas are commonly treated by botox?

In general there are three main areas where botox is treated. The Glabella region or frown area, is the area in between your eyes, just above the bridge of your nose.  In addition the forehead and crows feet areas around the eyes are commonly treated with botox.

Is it painful?

When administering botox we use very small, fine needs, most patients describe it as mildly uncomfortable at worse.

How long does it last?

In general botox treated areas last about 5-6 months and then need to be re-treated in order to maintain the result. However, every patient is different and some patients need re-treatment earlier and others maintain the results for longer.

What about the ‘frozen’ look?

Botox is administered by fully qualified practitioners who will discuss your treatment plan with you thoroughly. When properly administered natural looking results can be achieved. 

How about fillers then?

Dermal fillers are another option to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The body naturally produces an acid call hyaludronic acid. This initiates the production of collagen which is responsible for skin repair. As you get older your body produces less of this acid and subsequently your body produces less reparative collagen.

Dermal filler is comprised of this naturally occurring acid and when injected just under the skin plumps up the wrinkle and promotes collagen production to repair it.

The results can be seen instantaneously and offer a very natural look. Wrinkles in different areas may require different types of filler and this will be discussed with you in a consultation.

Dermal filler can last 8-12 months however some patients have reported it lasting longer. The procedure is very quick like botox and you can return to your normal duties on the same day.


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