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Relax and enjoy brilliant and painless treatment at albion dental .A visit to Albion dental is like going to a party and coming away with perfect teeth. You will always be given the best advice at Albion dental.


Albion dental have always given me brilliant treatment using the most up to date methods and equiptment.

Mrs P.W

I needed a great deal of dental work and am being treated painlessly and brilliantly at albion dental.

Mr S.B

Having lost a number of teeth in my upper jaw over the years, it came to a point where i became very self-conscious about my rather gappy smile. I even grew my moustache longer to try and hide it. And if i was dining out, i would have to be very selective with the menu and avoid anything that required chewing. I had tried a conventional denture but although it looked good, i couldn’t seem to adapt to them, also my speech was altered somewhat. I then had a free consultation with Ramesh, who had just taken over at Albion dental to discuss my options. I first went for two mini implants, to fill the gaps at the front (on the understanding they would probably not be a long term solution) this filled my need at the time but i still found eating rather tiresome. After a couple of years, I had another chat with Ramesh and decided to go for two proper implants, to which could be fitted much better set of dentures,including some molars with which to chew. This (because of some bone loss due to some decay over the years) required a bone graft which took six months to establish before the implant surgery could take place. Once this was done it was plain sailing and Ramesh said to me “the day i fit your dentures you can go out and order a steak!” so i did and it was sheer joy to be able to eat properly. The whole process was pain free and the after care has been superb.

Mr P.C Ringmer